on 5:48 PM

So now u want to download very fast?Here I will teach ya all how to make ur download rate between 1.0 - 1.2 mbps (well,this download rate based on 10 mbps using UNIFI in malaysia though^^).Follow the step here^^:~

1. Download this software Internet Download Manager 6.05 (IDM).
2. Follow the instruction written in " read first" on how to crack this software:D.
3. Basically the IDM will be like this :

4. This step is a crucial step.Here I will teach u how to OPTIMIZE and control ur download rate.Click at the option icon like the picture below:

5. After that,click at the connection tab.Here make sure u choose LAN 10 Mbs for connection type/speed and choose 16 for max connection number like in the picture below:

6.Now,ur done!!!Jz click ok n download all ur favourite music all u want!!!Cheers!!!!